Business Acumen

Introducing Business Acumen 101™

A new way to transform your managers and quickly improve your business results

 What is the cost to your business when your managers:

  • Lack the Big Picture of effective financial management?
  • React, rather than respond, in ineffective ways that damage productivity and profitability?
  • Continue to think like employees instead of owners?
  • Cannot read a balance sheet or P&L statement?
  • Lack the confidence to make good financial decisions in real time?
  • Do not have sufficient Business Acumen to address daily financial and operational issues?

Would you like a way to get something better?

Introducing Business Acumen 101™

  • A fast, cost-effective way, to bring your managers up to speed on the realities of managing a business
  • Bridging the Gap for ‘non-financial’ managers, quickly and effectively
  • Business Acumen 101™  
  • No more boring ‘lecture’ classes that put people to sleep!
  • A fast-paced experiential simulation for middle-managers to quickly sharpen their Business Acumen
  • A cost-effective learning experience that can transform your business results.

What Will Business Acumen 101 
do for Your Business?

You’ll Get Smarter Managers with Business Acumen who:

  • Think like business owners, aligned around the “Big  Picture” 
  • Have a deeper level of understanding of strategic  and tactical  initiatives
  • Make better  decisions for optimal allocation of talent
  • Gain confidence from a higher level of  business  knowledge and financial acumen
  • Develop a deeper understanding of  the overall  business  impact of daily  financial  decisions

Your Return on Investment:

You’ll see Improved  productivity and decision-making  processes through  better  teamwork, communication and coordination
The result is increased profitability via sustainable Business Acumen

Business Acumen 101: Learning Objectives

  • Understand how your business really works
  • Learn how your business generates cash and earns a profit
  • Experience how your company actually makes money
  • Understand how cash flows through your business
  • How to measure results using financial metrics

Business Acumen 101: Learning Objectives

  • Experience first-hand how daily decisions impact financial success
  • Learn how to use limited resources effectively
  • How to align their efforts with business strategy
  • Understand how one department’s actions can offset another’s
  • Appreciate the strategic power of a plan to implement your company’s operations
  • What does Business Acumen 101™ Cover?
  • In this fast-paced, experiential learning simulation, your managers will learn about:

Business Acumen 101™

  • Has been tested and used effectively all over the world
  • Is not bound by culture or language
  • Produces reliable results and a high-return on investment
  • Creates a fun and exciting learning environment that your managers will always remember
  • Does not require large spaces or expensive venues
  • Effectively bridges the gap for managers who lack a strong financial background
  • Because of this, we can confidently promise you’ll see a big improvement in your business results

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Business Acumen 101™ Agenda

Here’s a typical agenda for a one-day Business Acumen simulation, what actually happens:

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