A Vision for Engaging the Future


Engaging the Future is a journey of learning and discovery for those who truly aspire to lead with excellence. It is a journey that, once started, never really ends. If you are looking for a quick end to the journey, to achieve excellence instantly and have a quick stamp of approval, this program is not for you. If you are committed to becoming the best leader you can be by consistently being authentic to who you really are and to taking a personal stand to remaining conscious as you develop new leaders, you have come to the right place. 


Here is the Vision of Engaging the Future you are invited to share:
We see a new generation of courageous leaders, empowered with the will to embrace complexity rather than fleeing from it. By their courage these leaders routinely lead their teams out of the box of mediocrity towards futures which, at the time, are still impossible.

 We are surrounded by self-aware, confident, conscious leaders with the ability to activate their inner genius and resources at will, doing whatever it takes to stay on their mission.


Can you imagine working alongside a group of passionate, outcome-driven strategic thinkers who inspire their juniors as well as their peers, grounded in a crystal-clear Vision of where they are going?

We know they are true leaders because they are utterly focused on supporting and developing those they lead. They truly care about people; they say what they mean and they mean what they say. They are leaders who inspire our trust because of the way they treat everyone with dignity and respect.

We witness conscious, confident leaders who live from a never-ending bias for action; they are self-activating and activate others, leading by their own example as well as their inspiring words. They know that real learning is always the result of action.

We see engaging leaders, with the ability to inspire others to action, and keep them inspired, via well-developed story-telling skills and never-ending encouragement and coaching.

Tug of war


Here are leaders not only in touch with their own inner genius but also focused on awakening the inner genius of others. They do not believe in the word ‘failure’ and instead prefer to focus on new possibilities for inspiring others to action. We see that this mindset and way of being are utterly contagious.

Another thing that makes these leaders exceptional is that they operate from a mindset of Contextual Intelligence, empowered by the skills of strategic thinking. As a consequence they are confident decision makers and easily inspire the confidence of others.

These leaders, ever-busy leading teams to Engage the Future, live from an unshakeable “I CAN” attitude and have the skills to generate a “WE CAN” mindset in those they lead.

Which way?Regardless of the circumstances, we hear these leaders saying “I take responsibility for this; now let’s learn from it and get focused on finding another way to reach our goals. What’s next?”

These engaging leaders are Big Picture thinkers who also know the importance of details in leading the way to the future. They own a “Navigating” mindset to keep strategies on target and are ever alert for signs of strategic drift.

And, day after day, we see and hear these leaders as they take powerful stands for their values. The are never willing to sacrifice what’s most important for things that are least important. Guided by their internal compass, they always keep the organization pointed at True North.

Imagine, if you can, an organization empowered with leaders like this. Leaders that continuously create new possibilities; fearless, capable, confident…and humble. Yes humble, because they know that without the trust and support of those they lead, they can achieve little of consequence.

In summary, the Vision of Engaging the Future: creating conscious leaders like these who will in turn create more conscious leaders in a never-ending upward spiral. They do it through a consistent commitment to respectfully engage the hearts and minds of those they lead. And they lead by always setting the example, going there first.

We don’t claim it’s going to be easy. We do assert that this is the type of leader the world needs in this time of chaos and it is this type of leader who has always inspired our planet in times of great change and upheaval. Are you ready to embrace this Vision and do something different for a change? If you are inspired by this Vision, you can take the first step now. And why not? 


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