Engaging the Future - What?

WHAT is Engaging The Future All About?

  • A powerful new paradigm of what it means to be a leader
  • High-impact transformational exercises that will change the way you think…forever
  • A Values-based “Internal Compass” that will never let you down
  • The ability to shift your perception to achieve new insights in a fast changing world
  • And, the ability to shift the perceptions of others when you most need their buy-in
  • The skills to inspire and motivate others you want to support you
  • New ways to delegate with complete confidence
  • The ability to apply truly strategic thinking to any situation and develop breakthrough solutions
  • The skills to harness the power of your team’s creativity
  • The Mind-set of a world-class leader

HOW does Engaging the Future Develop Conscious, Creative Leaders?

We use the latest in learning technologies, including: 

  • NLP: Neuro-Linguistic Programing
  • Action Learning
  • High Impact Facilitated Exercises
  • Interactive Role Plays
  • Team-Building Scenarios
  • Team Presentations
  • Challenging Simulations & Games 
  • Learning DNA: Key Themes / Insights
  • The program involves 7-days of on-site experiential learning as well as off-site assignments that are designed to reinforce and to develop mastery.
  • Engaging the Future provides participant manuals containing articles, learning tools and exercises plus inspiring examples from some of the world’s greatest leaders.
  • Our website includes a special area for ETF Alumni to engage each other in ongoing communication and sharing, plus continuous access to new articles, blogs and useful weblinks.

SO WHAT…if I Go Ahead and Register for Engaging the Future Now?

  • We promise that if you commit yourself to this extraordinary journey of learning and self-development, you will give yourself and ‘unfair advantage’ as an emerging leader
  • You will equip yourself with the competences of self-management and the Human Dimension that will make you a superior leader no matter what your current role in the organization.
  • You will have demonstrated an unmistakable personal commitment to developing yourself, declaring yourself as a leader and making it come true. If that is not leading…what is?

 Team Presentations   Presenting   Graduation


WHAT Does Engaging the Future Look Like?

  • Just imagine a large, well-lighted event room, with  round meeting tables set up as islands around the room. 
  • At each table, you see a team of five participants, randomly formed from the larger group. Each group has a self-selected a leader.
  • On the front wall, a large projection screen, a small table with a flip chart stand on either side. 
  • At the back of the room, you see a large open space for high-energy team activities. 
  • On the walls, you witness a continuously evolving parade of posters and materials created by the participants themselves in response to their team and individual challenges. 
  • You can even imagine a powerful energy field enveloping the entire venue---generated by the emotional depth of the participant experience. 
  • Picture every individual as fully engaged, energized and committed to becoming the most influential leader they can possibly be. The only thing missing in this picture…is YOU! If you want to join the action, register now.

What Am I Going to Get from This?

A New Opening: to a new future you will create for yourself when you master these skills.

A New Confidence: a deep belief in yourself and your abilities as a leader.

New Friends: during the course of Engaging the Future you will make many new friends who will share the entire journey with you. Most likely, you will keep them for life. 

12 New Mindsets: 12 different ways of engaging your world as a leader; a hologram of effective leadership DNA that will last you a lifetime.

Engaging the Future Toolkit: you will receive a high quality 3-volume Participant Toolkit to support your learning and development as a leader and serve as a valuable resource for years to come; Engaging Inquiry Cards; Values Cards; EngagingMinds Cards: These are three powerful tools you can use immediately to create momentum for yourself, your team and your business success. 

Access to Alumni Resources: As an Engaging Leader you will have free ongoing access to a special area of the EngagingMinds website, where you will find a wealth of valuable, links, tools and articles to support your continuous learning as a leader.

Certificates: On Commencement Day you will receive an Engaging Leader certificate suitable for framing. In addition you will receive a link via email to your e-certificate, hosted on a permanent URL, that allows you to share your achievement easily via major social media sites, including Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Plurk, etc. 

Satisfaction: Upon completion of Engaging the  Future, you are going to look back at where you started and be quite amazed at what you have achieved. You will own the satisfaction of a challenging journey completed and look forward to many similar journeys in the years ahead as an Engaging Leader.

What Engaging the Future is NOT.

  • It’s not a repeat of what you learned in business school, college or an MBA program.

 Although it will enable you to truly leverage what you learned there.

  • It’s not focused on ‘case studies’ or memorizing theories that suggest there are easy, formula-based answers for any situation. 

And it will give you the confidence to embrace the complexity of the 21st century business environment.

  • It’s not for anyone who is simply waiting for their turn at the top of the heap, a chance to dominate others. 

But it will teach you the path to influence-based leadership that works.

  • It’s not for those who want to sit-back in a traditional classroom setting and be spoon-fed all the answers. 

And it is a fast-paced, dynamic and challenging program for those who are truly ready to engage.

  • It's not a passive process that occurs without your deep commitment and involvement.

REGISTER NOW. So you can take advantage of this exciting opportunity, right here in Taiwan, to move forward on a new track towards your destiny as an Engaging Leader.

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  • Full Price: NT$90,000
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Register now and Engage the Future! 

What if I Don’t Register Now?

  • You can always register later…its really up to you, right? 
  • Or you can try the old-fashioned path of slow, trial and error with incremental progress, hoping you will find a way to move your career forward.
  • Some people may struggle for 10-15 years or more waiting for their employers to invest in their career development, waiting for ‘someday’ to come. If you consider what that would cost you, doesn’t it make more sense to just go ahead and register now!