Engaging the Future - Why?


WHY Is it Worth My Time and Money to Choose Engaging the Future Now?

  • Because the world is rapidly changing but the dominant leadership model has not kept pace. Its time for a world-class training curriculum for future leaders.
  • Because business schools and MBA programs don’t provide the experiential learning environment in which the art and science of leading others can be learned
  • Because the real challenge of leading is in the are of the ‘Human Dimension’ and can’t be mastered by reading case studies and text books.
  • Because you want a way to get fast-track development of essential leadership skills and mindsets.
  • Because it’s time to create a new generation of leaders who will easily model excellence and create more leaders by the power of their own example.
  • Because you are looking for a new approach to developing leaders who can really lead and inspire others to achieve their potential. 

Why Am I Doing This?

People often say to me “David, at your age, after a successful career and making lots of money...why are you launching a new venture? Why are you doing this?”

I say to them: “Because I have been there!”  I’m not going to pretend otherwise. I’ve done it the long, slow painful way. I spent decades, twisting in the wind, trying with all my heart to learn the keys to effective leadership. Yes, I spent many years and thousands of hours seeking to understand:

  • How to make a difference for myself and others in a business organization
  • How to get ahead, when it seemed it was “impossible”
  • How to motivate others and lead them to the futures they dream of
  • How to change the system from one that doesn’t work to one that does
  • How to develop influence with key stakeholders and use it to break through obstacles
  • How to create excellence, every single day 

I started at the very bottom, with a college education, but few business skills. And, I finally achieved my dream after two and a half decades of exploration and persistence. And the main reason I succeeded in learning the secrets of the world’s greatest leaders was because each year for the past 25 years I have invested in myself, in my own leadership development! Companies I worked for did not invest in my development...so I chose to invest in my own development. 

Now I am ready to share what I learned and give it to you in a fast-paced 5-month journey of learning and development called “Engaging the Future.” Its possible you are one of the few people who really dare to “think outside the box.” If that’s the case, I humbly invite you to join me in creating a different future for yourself...beyond Business Class...way beyond First Class...join me in the very front of the train in Leadership Class. 

Please join me in creating a new Vision of YOU as an Engaging Leader now. 

See you there, in the Winner’s Circle!



Founder and President

EngagingMinds Worldwide, Inc.