"If you are like many people who work in corporate settings, the following actual comments may resonate with you: 

                                                                       (not their real names, but the quotes are actual.)

"Every day seems pretty much the same to me. I have no idea what they really want from me. I spend most of the time in mind-numbing meetings wondering why we are wasting all this time. Then I have to work overtime because most of the day was lost in pointless meetings. I'd change jobs...but I've heard its about the same everywhere. Why do companies torture their people like this? Is this all there is?" 

                                                                                                Cindy Chen, Account Executive,Taipei

"My boss looks completely incompetent a good deal of the time. He can't seem to tell the team what he wants to achieve and so there is no way to measure our outcomes. We never know for sure when we are doing something really useful or not...he is so changeable we have given up guessing about the big picture...if there really is one. This is not what I spent all that money getting the MBA for. I will have to leave if this doesn't get better."      

                                                                                                Eric Huang, Software Engineer, Shanghai

"Our manager hands out little bits and pieces of tasks and we often have no idea why these things are important or how they connect to a bigger picture. She dumps tasks on us at the last minute, acts as if we should understand magically what she wants and then disappears. God help us when we get it wrong. And this is supposed to be a "cutting edge" corporation that is focused on "Excellence?"  They talk about the the importance of people, blah, blah, but in reality we are just stupid cogs in the machine."   

                                                                                                Debbie Smith, Executive Assistant, Hong Kong

Do you get the picture? What these three situations all have in common is a vacuum of real leadership. Three people who desperately want to make a difference, have real impact, make a contribution...and yet find themselves blocked by incompetent leaders. 

Ask yourself now: how often do you get to work hands-on with inspired leaders or mentors? How will you see the outcomes you want if there is no role model to help you along the way? Learning by trial and error, you may find yourself copying the leaders around you...only to discover that they themselves had little idea of how to lead. You could spend years, twisting in the wind, learning at the speed of glaciers. There is a wise old German saying that goes "Too soon old, too late smart." 

        Do you have a feeling you can do better than this?

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David Chard

President, EngagingMinds