Engaging Your Audience

What is “Engaging Your Audience™?”

  • Engaging Your Audience™ is an intensive 2-day training and coaching workshop for executives who want to connect powerfully with any audience.
  • Originally developed by EngagingMinds Worldwide for a group of regional executives at Microsoft in 2006, the course has evolved into a high-energy learning experience that transforms ‘presenters’ into storytellers.
  • As of today, many hundreds of executives have benefited from this paradigm-shift learning experience that showed them, step-by-step how to “Talk Like Ted.”
  • Times have changed and the old ‘presentation’ format no longer works. The time has come to Engage Your Audience.

What does “Engaging Your Audience™ Achieve?

  • Using a simple 3-part process (Prepare, Craft, Deliver) participants learn how to convert ‘data’ or ‘information’ into meaningful stories to effectively engage their audience with confidence.
  • Bring your PowerPoint presentation and learn how to transform “presentations” into compelling stories and ultimately how to leave slides behind.
  • Participants will have 4 individual practice sessions to tell their stories to a live audience (captured on video) and receive meaningful feedback and coaching after each delivery. Watch the needle move as amazing stories emerge.
  • Emerging storytellers also learn how to use the power of Metaphor, Story Structure, Voice Tone, Body Language and much more; not merely as ‘information’ but how to use these in actual practice.
  • Learn how to tailor your approach to your specific audience and hijack their attention in the first 30 seconds.

Who Should Attend?

  • Presenters, leaders, executives, middle-managers, sales people---anyone who must regularly communicate with impact as part of their work.
  • Anyone who wants to take their ability to communicate in public to a new level, overcome public speaking anxiety, learn how to develop and deliver a message that truly resonates with an audience.
  • Leaders who want to improve their ability to communicate across the organization, embedding key ideas and memes, leading change and inspiring the team.
  • Executives who have a key presentation or public speaking event coming up and want to ramp up and polish their delivery ahead of time.

What’s In It for You?

  • The end of “Death by Powerpoint,” as you remake yourself as a masterful storyteller and communicator.
  • The ability to connect with and persuade key audiences with confidence, even on short notice.
  • A proven method to approach each speaking occasion, allowing you to perform at your persuasive best every time.
  • Freedom from the tyranny of reading slides (the ‘data dump’) and the ability to “Talk Like Ted.”
  • A DVD record of your practice sessions and a comprehensive Participant Manual for ongoing reference and development.
  • The normal 2-day delivery is limited to 6 persons per session. This allows time for multiple practice sessions, feedback, and individual coaching.
  • One-to-one coaching sessions can be arranged by request.
  • Lecture format is also available for larger groups in a 2-hour session.

Companies that have used Engaging Your Audience™ include: Microsoft, Novartis, Lenovo, Sanofi, The Fulbright Program, Edelman, and Bayer, to name a few.

From David Chard, the creator: “I am proud to bring Engaging Your Audience™ to my customers, grounded in my 30+ years as a professional communicator and consultant in the public relations industry. This program is ‘theory free’ and is entirely based on what actually works in the real world. I designed it using the best experiential learning methods using three decades of experience as a facilitator of learning and development. I believe it is the best course available to transform ‘presenters’ into communicators.”

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