"David or 大卫老师 (affectionately known to us) was engaged by Lenovo  for a series of "Story Telling" engagements. His target audience ranges from top management to sales personnel and product managers. David's unique, creative and engaging methodology transformed a typical Effective Presentation Skills' lesson into a learning experience that left a footprint on my career.

"From someone who feared public speaking, David has taught me to treat each speaking engagement as a story-telling opportunity. While I continue to work hard on honing my story-telling skills, I have on many occasions won the compliments of my audience, thanks to David 老师. We retained EngagingMinds' services for our regional leaders for 3 consecutive years, with excellent results

"I highly recommend EngagingMinds and encourage organisations to explore "Engaging Your Audience" as a highly effective presentation skills and story-telling program. 

Ai Sim Tan, HR Director, Lenovo Asia-Pacific

"We retained EngagingMinds in 2016 to help bring our European management team together in a more dynamic way. Having just experienced some serious challenges, David quickly assessed our situation and custom-designed a program that was highly experiential, fast-moving and effective. We were all surprized at how effective the program was and the many eye-opening possibilities that emerged from the experience. We are still applying what we learned and it is making a big difference in the way we work together. I highly recommend EngagingMinds and David's superb facilitation style."

Tripp Amdur, President, Medline Europe & Asia Pacific

“David is an outstanding professional training consultant, who constantly updates his work, custom designs to meet the requirements of each client engagement, and delivers superior results in terms of improved performances of team members.” 

Thomas R. Zengage, President, Pacific Communicators, Japan

“David's remarkable knowledge/sensitivity about diverse cultural mindframes and language skills, as well as his valuable experience in Asia make him an outstanding "Bridge-Person" between East and West. He brings the richness of 2 very different worlds with him, and has the gift of shaping them into one. Working with him has been a mind opening, rewarding experience.” 

Alejandro Altieri, Script, Executive Coach

"I have worked with David Chard in an intensive training environment and found him to be a skillful trainer and developer of people. His breadth of knowledge, ready wit, and engaging manner bring learning processes to life."

Barry Oshry, Chief Theoretical Officer at Power + Systems, Inc

"We hired David to give a workshop on "Engaging Your Audience" to our clients, medical doctors. The content includes engaging with an audience, structure of presentation, and effective speaking. David also facilitated presentation practice one by one and provided constructive feedback. David is a very charming, funny and effective instructor. We received a lot of positive feedback from our clients and they would like to have further opportunities to learn from David again. I am very satisified with EngagingMinds' service."

Claire Huang, Ph.D. MBA, Medical Scientific Liaison (Oncology) at Novartis AG

"David Chard is a gifted trainer and facilitator with an amazing ability to work with individuals and groups to accomplish impressive results in a wide range of areas. Whether focused on business results or helping a person/group on a voyage of self discovery, David uses innovative techniques and a caring style to make the most of the experience. In particular, David is the man to develop an organization's leadership. He has a wide range of processes that help him tailor programs to individuals, teams and organizational culture. You'll have a rewarding and profitable experience under his knowledgable guidance."

Barry Collodi, Professional Training & Coaching Consultant and Contractor


Director, Asia-Pacific Edelman Academy

“David is passionate about training and learning and he displays energy in his facilitation style. I was one of 26 participants at the offsite leadership academy that he lead in Bangkok last year and David was clearly "in his element" during the sessions that he conducted. 
His priorities are developing leadership mindsets and creating commitment to move insights into action. 
If you have not already seen David in action as a facilitator I would encourage you to do so!” June 26, 2010

Sarah Jackson, Regional HR Director Asia Pacific, Edelman

“David means a lot more than just a mentor or a trainer to me at Edelman. I see him more like a fatherly figure to seek advice for both career development and my personal life. He's naturally caring, thoughtful and sincere. His cheerful personality makes him very approachable and easy to work/hang out with. He's also a born trainer and instructor. His training sessions are always filled with laughters. Yet you bring home applicable and useful skills, professional tools, and positive attitudes that will influence you forever. Even though now David and I have parted our own ways professionally, I'm sure our paths will cross again some day. (And I surely hope so!!)” June 13, 2010

Bella Ling, Director and Practice Leader, Corporate Communications and B2B/Technology, Edelman

“David always delivered extraordinary experiences for our people that enabled them to see and behave with 3D lenses on all time.” April 3, 2010

Bob Grove. Managing Director, Southeast Asia, Edelman

“David is one of the best coaches I have known in my professional life. He helps Edelman consultants like me to understand more about the best of our self and give the spirit to constantly leading our own way to achieve relentless phase of mastery.” February 10, 2010

Ezta Wahyudi, Senior Consultant, IndoPacific Edelman

“David is the greatest coach I've ever encountered. My successful career change was all started from my coffee chat with David in Singapore. He taught me the difference between 'teaching' and 'coaching,' and it changed my thinking and career path. He's my role model as he is a great expert in crisis management and people development. He is not only a great communicator, but also a great coach who helps other professionals to be a better communicator.” January 27, 2010

Hoh Kim, Managing Director, Edelman Korea

“David is a wonderful, warm, energetic, and just thoroughly fabulous trainer. He brings out the best in his trainees. I recommend him without reservation.”December 29, 2009

Meghan Barstow, Account Manager, Edelman Japan 

“It was an inspiration working with David for four years in Asia. As the leader of the company's training and human development efforts in the region, David tirelessly acted as an advocate for our staff...doing everything he could to ensure that training, skill development and passion for our people were priorities for the firm. David is a great trainer who had tremendous success imparting wisdom to staff. Whether it is in Shanghai, Tokyo, Sydney or Seoul, David's abilities are able to easily cross cultures and staff welcomed his trainings. David also consistently challenges himself to understand newer and often better ways to help people learn. He has a tremendous passion for that and this is a big reason why he is so successful.” 

Martin Alintuck, Managing Director, Edelman China

“David is a professional and charming trainer as well as a public engagement expert in crisis management, corporate reputation. His professionalism, sense of humor, unrivaled expertise and accessibility have had immeasurable positive impact on our company and the people he had trained. He has made Asia-Pacific Edelman Academy a successful platform and network offering value-added training and expertise to help PR professionals think differently and be better-prepared for the rapid changing PR business. In general. David is an invaluable resource and a great trainer.” 

Vincent Lee, SE & Digital Engagement, Edelman

“David is a great trainer who focuses on helping people develop mastery, not merely increasing their knowledge. He helps Edelman consultants to be better professionals, bringing an abundance of experience and personal wisdom. He gave us a real model of great communication from which we could learn. He is the best in field and the best in the Edelman Network by far. Cheers to success in all of your professional aspects!” 

Reza Setiawan, Manager, IndoPacific Edelman

“David is a gifted trainer who blends an extensive background in public relations with a deep understanding of psychology to bring out the best in teams and lead them (without seeming to lead - a very Asian trait) to desired outcomes and realizations. His focus is almost entirely on the process by which people learn to think and discern for themselves, in real-time business settings. He is also an entertainer who keeps his training seminars lively and provocative. To truly appreciate David, think of a Shaolin monk with overtones of Norman Vincent Peale and glimpses of Bono.” April 21, 2009

Robert T. Grieves, President, Hong Kong and Financial Practice Chair Edelman Asia Pacific

“I met David in January 2009 as a business client and colleague Trainer. David has a very warm personality, sharp mind, is quick on the uptake and easily sees the various angles of situations. I am pleased to acknowledge David now as a friend and colleague, and to recommend him for his breadth of business experience and success, and as someone who will always bring new insights, skills, encouragement and motivation to your team.” 

Mark Klaasen, President, Communications Plus

“I have worked with David principally in his role as regional training head for Edelman Asia Pacific. He is a good friend and a mentor. David is an engaging and inspiring trainer. His materials are rooted in solid research and theory but always highly practical and implementable. His wide range of interests and his depth of experience in the communications industry give his courses a scope that never fails to impress. David is one of the most approachable and personable people I've ever met but at the same time very outcome oriented and business focused. I consider him to be a professional role model as well as a good personal friend.” October 21, 2008

Steve Bowen, Director, Edelman

“I had the fortunate opportunity to work under the guidance of David Chard during the 2007 Edelman APAC Academy in Kuala Lumpur, where I helped contribute the social media element to the program. David is a corporate educator par excellence, who taught me volumes in terms of how to manage a large group of trainees, maintain a flexibility of purpose, keep the training objectives in mind, and have a helluva lot of fun in the process. A wonderful person to learn from *and* with -- a rare combination.” August 31, 2008

Phil Gomes, Vice President, Edelman

“As a mentor, David conducted countless number of coaching sessions to help improve my skill set to become a more effective consultant.” 

Annouk Ruffo Leduc, Senior Account Manager, Edelman Hong Kong

“David is a consummate professional. He builds strong internal Client relationships, and cares about the success of the business as well as the individuals within it. He is a skilled facilitator of learning for others - in part because of his example as a role-model as a continual learner. All of my personal and professional dealings with David have been opportunities to learn and just as important have been fun. I recommend David highly!” 

Kevin Eikenberry, Chief Potential Officer, The Kevin Eikenberry Group

“David's ability to create and present curriculum for diverse groups of attendees and ensure all particpants get value is second-to none.” 

Tristan Everett, Senior Account Director, Edelman Sydney


CCG Worldwide, Inc

“It's been said, "“Your attitude, not your aptitude, will determine your altitude” and with David Chard I wholeheartedly agree that he will always 'fly high.' He is a proven, global winner, very bright and energetic, who brings a high level of willingness and enthusiam to each of his clients and projects. 

His strong pragmatic business background, coupled with a friendly and engaging personality, makes him a persuasive floor leader in all that he 
does. David can always be counted upon to do a top-notch job for clients, work associates and partners, as I have personally witnessed. 

His supportive approach allows clients to understand that individual or special programs such as Action Learning education help make the client organizations strong and enduring. His persona of helpfulness results in organizations loaded with skilled and passionate people, 
who strive to make service a part of their daily mind set. 

I highly recommend David as the consummate consultant professional of the future: intelligent, dedicated and hard-working.” April 26, 2010

Frank VoehlOwner, Strategy Associates
worked directly with David at CCG Worldwide, Inc.

“David is one of the most effective and versatile communicators I have ever met! He combines his wealth of knowledge, research and experience with the highest level of professionalism and a genuine sincerity to facilitate change, be it personal, professional, or organizational. I have witnessed David's skills in a variety of personal and professional situations and I highly recommend him!” January 28, 2009

Ted BuffingtonOwner, Achievement By Design, LLC
was with another company when working with David at CCG Worldwide, Inc.

President, Asia Pacific
Edelman Public Relations, Asia Pacific

“David was a hands-on, but not hovering, and very supportive leader. He was there rolling up his sleeves and working with others when there was an important task, such as a big pitch, to be done. He also really took time to appreciate the contribution of individuals and to be supportive. I was lucky work with him. 
But most importantly, David is a brilliant trainer. He is also a listener and facilitator who can engage others in learning and participating for mutual benefit. David really connects with people in the training environment and understands what they need and opens new perspectives for them.” January 11, 2010

Marianne EisenmannVP Asia Pacific, Edelman Public Relations
reported to David at Edelman Public Relations, Asia Pacific

Managing Director
Edelman Public Relations Taiwan

“Worked with David very closely when I was in charge of Bayer Taiwan's Corporate Communication and a USD 13.billion investment project. David is an exceptionally talented negotiator and cross-culture communicator; he helped me to take care of crisis management, internal communication as well as government relations very professionally especially during the period of time when we faced the Anti-Bayer challenges. He is one of the best consultants that I have ever met. I also knew David as a friend with great passion towards the natural resources and environment. I would recommend him without any reservation.” January 11, 2011
Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert

John Chen
hired David as a Business Consultant in 1996

“While overseeing the PR agency of record for the Motion Picture Association, David's ability to stay calm amidst the storm enabled him to effectively manage the demands of very fickle clients while consistently delivering solid results despite myriad challenges. His ability to convey a sense of truly caring about his client and team make him a refreshing individual to work with.” August 26, 2008

Top qualities: Personable, On Time, High Integrity

Marta Grutka
hired David as a Public Relations & Communications in 2002

“David is a creative public relations, communiccations and crisis management professional who is effective and delivers results. He is systematic and solutions oriented and always surpises and exceeds expectations. He is pesonable and easy to work with. If you have an important project that must deliver a good result, David is your man.” August 21, 2008

Nicholas V. ChenPartner, Pamir Law Group
was with another company when working with David at Edelman Public Relations Taiwan

Managing Director
Profiles Corporate Communication Consultants

“David is an expert in communications and crisis management. His deep knowledge of this field is coupled with an extensive experience in the Asia-Pacific region. In addition to this, David is also a very talented teacher. David was not only my first manager after college, but more importantly, he became one of the most influential mentors in my career thus far. David taught me lessons that are still important to me today, despite the many years that have passed since we last worked together. I consider myself fortunate to have had the opportunity to work for and learn from David.” January 4, 2010

1st Chris AndracaClient Management & Sales, Other Firms (Medline Industries, Edelman Taiwan)
reported to David at Profiles Corporate Communication Consultants