What is ”In and Out of the Box?

  • This amazing experience, which we deliver under license from Innogreat™ was created by master-facilitator Jimbo Clark, to help people literally experience the ‘box’ they are in, what is contains, how it limits their thinking… and their possibilities, and how to go beyond the box when they are ready to.
  • Participants receive an actual box to put on their heads, and are asked to reveal both what is on the outside (what we normally show to others) and also the inside…the parts they normally keep to themselves. Warning: risks will be taken.
  • Through a series of hilarious exercises and engaging demonstrations, participants gain a new understanding of their own self-imposed limits and a new willingness to transcend those limits, to think more creatively and work more effectively in teams.
  • “In and Out of the Box” is a world-class, eye-opening experience that empowers people to be more of who they really are…and bring their best gifts to those they work with. It may be the breakthrough experience you’ve been looking for.

What does “In and Out of the Box” Achieve?

  • The outside of the box represents our public thinking, our personal branding. It reflects what we want people to know or think about us. It is the “face” that we show to the world. It’s what we want people to think.
  • Each side of the inside of the box represents the different limitations we place on our thinking. By identifying the boundaries of our thinking, we are better equipped to know how to open new filters and go beyond those boundaries to think out of the box.
  • The workshop is an experience in self and other awareness, uniquely designed to open up new ways of seeing and thinking.
  • Participants reliably experience an awakening to their limitations, and ironically, to their possibilities.
  • For forward-thinking companies that truly want to unleash the creativity of their people, in a powerful team-building experience, “In and Out of the Box” is a must-have item for leadership development.

Who Should Attend “In and Out of the Box?”

  • Teams that thrive on innovation and creative thinking but are often blocked, unknowingly, by their own blind spots. (“What you can’t see, you don’t see.”)
  • Leaders that dare to discover the real boundaries of innovative thinking and want to share the experience with their people in order to unlock unpredictable futures.
  • Anyone that desires an authentic experience of what blocks them…and empowers them… and an innovative pathway forward in partnership with others.
  • Teams faced with big challenges and the chaos and uncertainty of the business (and personal) world…who are ready to go outside the lines to bigger possibilities. (Sorry we can’t tell you everything…it would be a spoiler!)

What’s In It for You and Your Team?

  • An unforgettable shared experience of self-and-other awareness that empowers innovation and new possibilities.
  • A paradigm shift…it’s not what you think…that reveals why people and teams often stay ‘stuck’ in the same-ole, same-ole…and not knowing why.
  • An experience of deep compassion for self and others that is transformative and inspiring: discovering that our best intentions can often block us from moving forward together.
  • Gaining a common language, from a shared experience of fun and discovery, that enables people to break free of their limiting thinking and truly, go beyond the box.
  • A surprising ‘final act’ that demonstrates vividly and unmistakably, that the only real limitation, paradoxically, is clinging to our limited image of success.

EngagingMinds Worldwide is proud to be licensed and certified by Innogreat™ to bring “In and Out of the Box’ to our customers. In our experience, this workshop is a real work of genius and has the potential to unleash authentic leadership and enhanced teamwork for participants.

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