The Twelve Engaging Minds


Engaging the Future is a highly challenging 5-month course designed to create conscious leaders who in turn will develop more conscious leaders. We certify that those who have completed the course have earned the title of Engaging Leader and have mastered the following skills and the use of 12 Engaging Minds:

The Believing Mind: the ability to recognize self-limiting beliefs and replace them with new empowering "I CAN" beliefs and to do this for those they lead. Graduates also have achieved clarity about their own Top Ten Values and are able to elicit and activate the core values of others.

The Response-Ability Mind: the ability to respond proactively to unwanted outcomes or events and easily develop alternative strategies to achieve their outcomes. Graduates have learned how to live from 'Above the Line' while holding themselves accountable and leading from "I CAN" and "WE CAN."

The Genius Mind: clear self-awareness about their own natural talents and a Genius Strategy to focus on their own strengths in getting results and to bring out the Genius in others.

The Visioning Mind: the ability to generate powerful Visions for themselves and others and to lead others from a shared Vision.

The Inquiring Mind: the ability to use the power of Inquiry to lead themselves and others using empowering questions that enable breakthroughs.

The Listening Mind: the ability to listen deeply to the totality of other people, using empathy and compassion to create real understanding and trust.

The Focusing Mind: combining self-awareness and the ability to keep their minds, and the minds of others focused on ideas and directions that are always positive and empowering.

The Activating Mind: the ability to effectively Activate others, empowering them to produce needed results every time. This includes a powerful model of delegating...which is the equivalent of Delegating 2.0 Includes the ability to establish Rapport and develop Influence through Trust.

The Navigating Mind: a complete set of tools and skills for analyzing any situation, developing effective strategies and keeping the organization on-course.

The Innovating Mind: the ability to lead change in ways that are motivating so as to confidently lead teams and organizations to a New Normal.

The Re-framing Mind: the ability to transform mountains into molehills, adversity into motivation and problems into Opportunities. The ability to transform meaning in order to achieve results.

The Story-telling Mind: the ability to effectively engage any audience as an engaging story-teller and presenter, using stories to activate and inspire the listeners.

The Engaging the Future Leadership Project: all graduates have successfully created and led a challenging project over a 90 day period, demonstrating their ability to get results through others and make a difference for all concerned. This is the "WE CAN" mindset on full display.

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