[Your Business] at the Speed of Trust

What is “Your Business at the Speed of Trust?

  • Based in part on the best-selling book “Business at the Speed of Trust” by Stephen Covey, Jr., this highly engaging workshop was created to meet the needs of our customers looking for an inspiring, high-energy, team-building experience to reliably build trust and strong partnerships.
  • As Covey notes, Trust is “the one thing that changes everything.” Without it, businesses are doomed to pay “The Trust Tax”…currently estimated at US$300 billion per year in North America alone. Mistrust more than doubles the cost of doing business, according to David Horsager, trust researcher.
  • Over the past 9 years, we have continuously updated and innovated ”Your Business at the Speed of Trust”, and are proud to say it is one of our most popular offers, due to the many surprises, non-stop fun and deep-learning embodied in the experience. And, as consultants, we always customize the experience to meet your particular needs.

What does “Your Business at the Speed of Trust” Achieve?

  • Participants are engaged immediately in a series of challenging and thought-provoking team activities that transport them right out of their comfort zones to “where the magic happens.”
  • They gain a new understanding of Trust, what it is, how it is lost, and how to get it back. Importantly they learn how to avoid paying “The Trust Tax” that costs companies billions annually due to poor employee engagement.
  • Each experiential team exercise brings pressure on the individual, and the team, to work effectively together. They learn how to create Involvement, the master key to trust, and the antidote to disengagement.
  • People experience each other at far more meaningful levels, beyond the superficial, with lots of surprises and bonding that persists well beyond the learning event.
  • “Speed of Trust” also includes a proven methodology for successful delegating, known as “The Promise Cycle.” Once mastered, this reliable process brings confidence to both parties and builds lasting trust based on successful delegation experiences. (Failed delegation is probably the biggest “trust-killer” in organizations.)

Who Should Attend “Your Business at the Speed of Trust?”

  • Intact teams of up to 40 persons that want to take trust to new levels and keep it there.
  • Companies and organizations that want to address issues such as conflicts, low engagement, or challenging business environments that demand extra effectiveness in teams.
  • “Speed of Trust” is also an ideal experience for corporate retreats when you want to combine fun, bonding and deep-learning into one event.
  • It is also very helpful for new teams, helping members to know and trust each other quickly, getting them ready for a challenging initiative.
  • A perfect tool for building lasting bridges across organizational Silos. 
  • We highly recommend “Speed of Trust” to any business that is tired of paying “The Trust Tax” 

What’s In It for Your Team?

  • A new way of seeing themselves and each other and a new confidence in their ability reliably establish and maintain trust in relationships.
  • A unique opportunity to know each other in surprising ways that opens the door wide to effective collaborative partnerships, grounded in trust.
  • Specific strategies for creating and demonstrating personal involvement as a leader.
  • New confidence in their ability to delegate (and receive delegation) effectively, to take much of the risk out of delegating. This opens up the possibility of seeing themselves as effective coaches and people-developers.
  • Higher retention rates and the ability for teams to enjoy each other in the face of ongoing challenges…and to look forward to work every day.
  • Big reductions in harmful ‘gossip’ and ‘blaming’ that are very destructive to trust, replaced by mutual commitments to going the extra mile for each other.

Since 2009, EngagingMinds has facilitated “Your Business at the Speed of Trust™” for a wide range of MNC firms in the Asia-Pacific region and Europe, including: Marriott, Roche, Lenovo, Medline, Mirum, Silver Beach Hotel, MediaCom, Edelman, AIG, and BMA Public Relations, among others. We sincerely look forward to bringing this unique experience to your teams.

  • Available in half-day and one-day formats.
  • Now available with a DiSC module that enables adaptive and flexible communication among team members.

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